Make sure 4th-of-Julys go safely and smoothly

Pet Tal
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Pets go missing on the 4th of July more than any other day in the year. And it’s no wonder! To increase safety, and very importantly, their stress level, please read some helpful hints to make sure this and all future 4th of July’s go safely and smoothly. 

Make sure their ID is on them and all information is current

Now is the time to check their ID for accuracy. Stop by your local pet supply store and/or a Fred Meyers engraving machines which can make a tag on the spot.

Keep your pets inside, especially at night, in the days leading up to the holiday and even for a few days after. 

Most of us experience fireworks popping off on more days than just July 4th. For noise-sensitive animals, they may get spooked prior to the 4th. It’s important to note that scared pets are seeking quiet spaces and often react out of panic.

You can help your pets by de-sensitizing them to the loud booms and bangs early on. 

Check out “Firework Sounds-Desensitizing Sounds for Dogs, Cats and other animals” on YouTube. Start off playing it quietly and then over time increase the volume. Try exposing your pets to this sound for several days leading up to the 4th. Offer treats and act like everything is “business is usual”. The less stressed you are, the better for our pets.

If you have really spooked pets, try to stay home with them on the 4th. Your presence alone will really comfort them.

Leaving just intensifies their stress. Try to hang out in the same room with the curtains drawn. If they are really upset, turn up calming music.

NOW is the time to start the calming aids. If you administer calmers on the 4th, you may be too late.

Stress builds and it’s best to give your pets calming aids before the first firework even starts. Sometimes it’s hard to calm a pet once they’ve started to feel stress, and many of the over-the-counter options work best after several days of use.

For great dog calmers, I suggest pet CBD products or Happy Traveler by Ark Naturals. You can safely add Rescue Remedy for another layer of support. 

For great cat calming products, I suggest CBD products and Composure by VetriScience or Calming Cat Chews by Pet Naturals of Vermont. Rescue Remedy can be safely added for cats as well.

For small animals such as rabbits and birds, I highly recommend Rescue Remedy. 

Many of these suggestions may not be new to you, but if it can help at least one pet then I’ll personally be very happy! I’m wishing everyone a fun and safe Independence Day and month! 

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