Can CBD Help My Pet?

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By now, you have probably heard about CBD and it’s use with pets, but may wonder what it is and how it can help. 

What is CBD?

CBD, also known as Cannabidiol, is the non-psychoactive component found in the hemp component of the cannabis plant.  It contains 20% of CBD oil and less than 0.3% of the mind-altering THC. This is markedly different from the marijuana part of the plant which contains much less CBD oil, at around 10%, and much more THC at 20%.

The CBD oils from the cannabis plant are just a part of the oils from the plant. In fact, there are 70 or more phytocannabinoid oils in the plant and CBD oils are one part of that. CBD companies often offer the full spectrum CBD blends, which contains all 70+ oils including CBD. They may also remove all oils but one, which are called isolates.

The 0.3% THC is carefully removed from the oils. Some companies use ethanol (a less natural way of removing it) and others use a safe removal method with carbon dioxide. The most ethical companies test their oils after removal to ensure they are THC free, as well as organically grow the plants to produce oils without the use of pesticides.

What are CBD Oils Used For?

CBD oils work synergistically with receptors throughout the body CBD to help regulate hormones, support immune health, improve sleep, help with cognition and increase and support digestion. The two main reasons pet parents come to us for CBD products are to help alleviate anxiety and pain in their animal.

Isolates vs. Full Spectrum

Full Spectrum CBD offers a little bit of everything and I’ve been told they work better when they are together. In addition, each phytocannabinoid oil offers a different effect, so a full spectrum CBD oil may work well for a pet with anxiety and arthritis.

Isolates are potent single oils that can target a specific effect. A pet with a type of cancer, for example, may benefit from an isolate that has shown to help with that specific disease. Holistic veterinarians trained in CBD’s are very likely going to carry isolates and prescribe or recommend based off your pet’s specific needs.

My team carefully researched CBD companies to pick two that we believed to best support our customers’ needs and meet our tough requirements. Of the two, Holistic Hound has become a fan favorite, offering a variety of oils, some even with medicinal mushrooms, and treats and oils specific for both dogs and cats. In addition, they offer a standing frequent buyer program, with every 6th oil or treat completely free to the pet owner! 

If you are interested in trying CBD oils for your cat or dog, now is the time! We are offering many specials through March, so please check our website or call our store for all the details. As always, my team and I look forward to helping you maintain health and wellness with your pets!

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