Pandemic Provides Opportunity to Adopt Pets and Bond with Neighbors

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If there is something that we could agree on, it’s that all our pets are quite happy to have us around more during the COVID-19 pandemic. With so much being said about the negative impacts of this terrible worldwide situation, sometimes it’s nice to find some of the good that can be a result.

Pets are ecstatic to have more of our attention than usual. And knowing that their happiness can have a direct correlation to yours is a good thing! Ultimately, dog owners are getting more exercise than ever before. While doing a car full of pet food deliveries on a Saturday, I couldn’t help but be positively affected. It was 60 degrees, the sun was shining, and it appeared to me that there were more happy dogs and people walking their dogs than I believe I’ve ever seen. For a second, I could forget about what was happening and focus on the sweet by-product of this situation.

I’ve been talking to a lot of pet owners who have decided that now is a great time to adopt their next pet. I couldn’t agree more! We see this a lot in the summertime, and it makes sense – what a unique opportunity to actually be able to spend quality time with a new animal. If you have considered a pet, this may be a great time for lots of bonding. And although hours and procedures have changed, adoptable pets are waiting in local rescues all around us.

We’re seeing the community come together in really positive ways. If you haven’t yet heard of SW Neighbors Helping SW Neighbors, please get acquainted. If you or someone you know needs help with grocery shopping, picking up prescriptions, walking your dog, or simply needing to connect with someone on the phone, SW Neighbors Helping SW Neighbors is here to help.

You can find them at:

Confidential email:

Facebook: Team Beaverton

Next-door group: Corona Virus Support

Call: (971) 409-4313

My store continues to be open, and my team is 100% committed to serving all of you and your pet supply needs. Sure, we’ve had to make many changes, but they’ve come easier than anticipated. For example, when the deliveries were more than we could handle, a friendly customer stepped up and became an extra delivery driver. The timing of her availability and our needs were perfect and allowed us to make more deliveries, including on the weekends. This created a job and jobs help the economy. Being able to positively contribute to our local economy by adding an employee makes me feel good and ultimately helps the pets get what they need.

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