We Will Pull Through Together

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When I last wrote it was unclear where this coronavirus was going to take us all. From a distance, it looked like it could be just another flu. 

Concern over the viral pandemic has now shifted in many minds to a focus on the enormous hit our economy has taken. Healthcare practices including the hospitals have not escaped this economic impact. In our service to the community, we find the two concerns to be inseparable. Many people have delayed addressing all other health concerns during this pandemic period. 

We have been open and available all this time to provide telemedicine visits. We continue to provide telemedicine and are now also opened for in-person visits when needed, especially acupuncture treatments. 

Safety of our patients is our highest priority and we are taking all precautions to make our clinic a safe environment. For this reason, we have limited the number of people in the office at the same time. We are sanitizing treatment areas after every encounter, and everyone is wearing facemasks.

As a clinic providing naturopathic primary care, we are always here to help you sort out any new symptom or concern. As always, we offer individualized treatment plans that consider your diagnosis, symptoms, concerns, needs and values. We are encouraging people with respiratory symptoms to contact us for our assistance, but to always plan to utilize telemedicine until we can sort out a proper diagnosis.

The world’s scientists have been gathering data on health factor correlations that present increased risks for severe COVID-19 complications. We can help you assess your personal risk factors in a visit with one of our doctors.

There seems to be misunderstanding and even discord over the need to use personal protection equipment in public as businesses open back up. Some people equate wearing a facemask in public with being fearful, a sign of weakness and not strength. We see it as completely different. You wear the mask to protect others and they in return wear one to protect you. It is impossible to know who has had unlucky contacts and might be spreading the virus. So we all take this precaution for each other.

Many people are making their own masks and not all are doing the research to be certain their materials are as protective as they might be. All coverings will slow and limit how far virus droplets can travel, so it is always better to wear something over nothing. If a person has any symptoms of a cold, flu or even unexpected allergy, they should stay home until it clears up or is diagnosed as something benign. Do not take the chance that you might have the virus and could be spreading it to others.

As we move into summer and out of lockdown, what better time to get back to focusing on having and maintaining good health? We are here to help you toward those goals. 

We are officially heading into the worst part of allergy season with grass pollen from the Willamette Valley peaking in June. Stress and anxiety have been companions for all too many during this time of lockdown. Many have gotten off track with their eating habits and in managing their chronic health conditions. People have now deferred for too long their care for allergies, digestive problems, stress/fatigue, weight management, diabetes, thyroid, pain,and other chronic health conditions. We all need and want to be moving towards a more normal life, and that includes attending to all of our health needs.

Whatever challenges lay ahead, good health is always your ally, and you should always be aiming towards maintaining that health. You have a whole life to live in addition to getting through now.

Please be kind and considerate to those around you. Not everyone will be able to decrease their vulnerability, and they are counting on all the rest of us to protect them as best we can.

We will pull through this together.

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