Vang’s Garden

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The gorgeous fresh bouquets at Vang’s Garden are a family affair and a labor of love for its namesake, Yang Vang.

Vang raises more than 50 varieties of flowers on his 10-acre farm in Scappoose, planting and harvesting annually with Ker Xiong to sell at seasonal markets. The pair, both Hmong farmers, immigrated from Laos to the United States following the Vietnam War and started Vang’s Garden after moving to Oregon in 2003.

During the Spring and early Summer, tulips, daffodils, and other early-blooming bulbs accented by pussy willow and baby’s breath fill out Vang’s fat flower arrangements.

Vang and his small crew bring buckets of fresh-cut beauties and assemble bouquets on-site throughout the morning to provide plenty of pre-made choices. Shoppers can also create custom arrangements.

“These are all organic. No chemicals are used,” said Ka Lia Her. “Vang does all the picking and growing by himself with his wife. It’s literally just the two of them.”

Her, who calls Vang “my dad,” though he’s technically her brother’s father-in-law, helps him sell at the Market.

Dahlias, Peonies, Stargazer lilies, hydrangeas, sunflowers, and dozens of other floral varieties will appear in the mix as summer and early fall blooms start to open.

“Yang’s favorites are the peonies coming into bloom right now,” Her said. “We’ll have a ton of those. They bloom in May, but the season is a little slow because it’s been chillier this spring.”

Prices vary by arrangement size, ranging from $10-25 per bouquet.

Look for Vang’s at both the Tigard and Bull Mountain markets through October.

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