Kevin C. Wright – Tigard City Council Candidate

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Kevin C. Wright

Why are you running for city councilor, what do you bring to the table that your opponents do not?

I’m running for City Council because this year reminded me how fragile our way of life is. I care about Tigard’s future and the policy decisions made by the next council have the potential to dramatically impact us all over the coming years. I decided to run because I can bring informed decision making to our City Council and help solve meaningful issues for the people and businesses in our community. 

I bring a drastically different cultural and economic perspective than the other candidates. I’m the only person of color and I’ve lived and studied business all over the world. I’ve made a career at Fortune 500 companies trading in the business of culture and as a result I offer a broader understanding of our people and a deeper understanding of what it takes to keep Tigard thriving. 

What is the #1 issue facing Tigard and what do you propose we do about it?

The #1 problem facing Tigard is diversity of leadership. Diversity is so much deeper than color and when we neglect it we cheat the system and we cheat our people. Diversity of thought in leadership will open doors for everyone in Tigard, bring us closer, and unlock the greatness we can achieve. We need leaders that can unite our community and the only way we can achieve that is for citizens like myself to raise our hands, take a break from our career paths, and focus on what’s really important. Our families, our neighbors, and our community. 

Proud to be endorsed by: 

Tigard Mayor Jason Snider
Tigard Chamber of Commerce
Tigard-Tualatin Student Union
King City Mayor Ken Gibson

Kevin Wright for Tigard City Council 




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