Tigard ninja gym sends 26 to world championships

Father-son duo Zach Wilson (left) and Miles Wilson of Skyhook Ninja Fitness compete at the Ninja World Championships in Florida. Courtesy of Skyhook Ninja Fitness
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If you’ve ever watched “American Ninja Warrior,” you’re familiar with the sport of ninja, which dates back to a Japanese TV show called “Sasuke” that started in 1997. 

That athletic competition show has grown to similar shows, as well as a full-fledged sport with gyms where people can train around the world. One such gym is Skyhook Ninja Fitness in Tigard, which opened in 2017 and trains athletes in ninja, parkour, and climbing. 

The Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association organizes competitions worldwide, including the UNAA World Championship Finals, which were held in Orlando, Fla., this year. Skyhook had 26 athletes qualify for the championships. 

Two notable athletes were Zach Wilson and his son Miles Wilson, who have been a part of the gym since 2021, and were the first father-son duo to make the world championships from Skyhook. Zach Wilson placed eighth overall in the Masters division, while Miles Wilson placed fourth in the 9-under division

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