Rotary Plaza and Clock Tower coming to Tigard

Tigard Rotary Plaza Clock Tower
Preliminary sketch of Clock Tower design.
Preliminary sketch of Clock Tower design.

The ¾-mile multi-use trail running parallel to Tigard Street will soon be transforming into Rotary Plaza and the Tigard Street Heritage Trail. Rotary is proud to partner with the City of Tigard to redevelop the abandoned rail line into a community gathering place used for recreation and events. Rotarians are people of action, driven by a desire to create opportunities, strengthen communities, and find solutions to the tough challenges that affect people around the world.

Rotary has worked with local designer Suenn Ho to design a one of a kind centerpiece for Rotary Plaza. Suenn is an urban designer, teacher and artist who has practiced in New York, France, Hong Kong and Oregon. Suenn helped the City of Tigard in generating the concept for the Tigard Street Heritage Trail and she is now designing various interpretive installations for the Heritage Trail.

Rotary Plaza Clock
Rotary Plaza Clock detail rendering.

The Rotary Plaza Clock will be placed in the plaza adjacent to Symposium Coffee. The clock will play homage to the traditional train station platform and street clocks with a modern twist. The Electric Time street clock will be customized in sleek, modern stainless steel surrounded by artisan cast glass in amber yellow and indigo blue. The clock and glass blocks will be illuminated at with modern LED lights creating an attractive glow. The clock will sit on a basalt plinth that will serve as a seating area.

Tigard Rotary is asking for community financial support to make this vision a reality. To learn more and get involved, visit