Pet Talk: New Product Alert!!

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If you’ve been in our store over the last several weeks, you’ve probably noticed a plethora of new chews, toys, foods, and treats. One of those products, I’m very excited to talk about, is a dog food called SquarePet. Currently one of our best options for those special needs pets, SquarePet offers several formulas from low fat, digestion support, joint support, and even a low phosphorus option, great for kidney and/or urinary health. Best of all? They’re even on our Frequent Buyer Program! Free bags, anyone?

Their VFS, or Veterinary Formulated Solutions, line is specifically made to be both a high-quality and responsibly sourced alternative to other special needs diets, while also limiting binders and fillers. You won’t find any corn, wheat, soy, artificial flavors and colors, or even by-products in these formulas. What you WILL find is a short list of healthy, wholesome ingredients formulated by a team of veterinary professionals, including a board-certified veterinary nutritionist and a Ph.D. animal nutritionist, meant to give your pup the best support for their specific needs.

Why SquarePet? This family-owned and operated company knows, first-hand, how important your pet’s health is. With the founders, Peter Atkins, who has been in the animal nutrition business for over 30 years, and his two sons; Travis, with a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine, and Tyler, who grew up watching his father’s determination to improve the pet food industry and followed that passion, this amazing food is one that we are excited to welcome to our shelves and into your special pet’s food bowl. 

Did you know their Veterinary Formulas are not all they have? SquarePet also has several other formulas for dogs AND cats and, while you may not see them on our shelves, we are always happy to special order any formulas that may pique your interest.

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