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Preparation is defined as “…the action or process of making ready…” This attitude and related skills can apply to many aspects of our lives, not just for emergency situations.

Preparedness Aspects

As you’ve read in previous columns in the Tigard Life newspaper, many situations and aspects of our lives benefit from being prepared:

  • Earthquakes
  • Pandemic
  • Power outages
  • Fire prevention
  • Extreme weather
  • Financial readiness
  • First Aid and CPR

Many people think about preparedness only in the context of extreme events like earthquakes or wildfires. However, we can all benefit from applying the principles of preparedness and self-sufficiency in many daily aspects of our lives including:

  • Alternative food preservation and storage techniques
  • Growing food from your own garden
  • Different ways of cooking
  • Water supply options
  • Electrical power, heating, and cooling resiliency
  • Transportation
  • Communication
  • Home safety including earthquake and fire preparation.
  • Self defense
  • Sanitation

City of Tigard Preparedness Fair

The City of Tigard, with local partners Tigard CERT and the LDS church, is coming back after a gap during the COVID years. It will include free food, live music, hands-on activities, and information sharing about many of these aspects of preparedness. The Fair will cover ideas and methods that you can use every day – or in case of a major emergency. Many organizations and companies will have booths at the fair to share helpful information.

Have you ever wondered how we might communicate in an emergency where mobile and landline phones no longer worked? Come see amateur radio demonstrations and equipment at the Fair.

Do you want information about food preservation techniques? Come on down to the Fair.

Tigard CERT Inc. is a local non-profit organization allied with the City of Tigard that trains volunteers in basic emergency response and organizational skills following the Federal Emergency Management Agency model and guidelines for local Community Emergency Response Teams. For more information about Tigard CERT, please visit our website at tigardcert.wordpress.com.

Tigard Community Preparedness Fair

When: July 21, 2023 6 pm – 9 pm 
What: This is a free event offering hands-on activities, demonstrations and presentations on various emergency preparedness topics. Enjoy live music & free BBQ dinner!
Where: Cook Park 17005 SW 92nd Ave, Tigard, Oregon 9722
Info: tinyurl.com/r784yt6e

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