Bob Niemeyer


Bob Niemeyer, the Republican nominee to represent Tigard in the new Oregon House District 25, is building his campaign on a platform of smaller government, increased law enforcement funding, school choice, and a return to in-person only voting for Oregonians.

“The people and businesses of Oregon are facing out-of-control regulation that serves only to increase the size and empower the government to have control over the people’s lives and the businesses we all use,” Niemeyer said in a written statement detailing his campaign platform. “I stand for limits on regulation as a function of legislative oversight.”

Niemeyer is a mechanical engineer, entrepreneur and inventor who grew up in Silverton and holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Oregon State University.

He opposes highway tolling projects, and names election integrity as the most important issue voters are faced with today – a problem he believes can be combated by integrating technology such as facial recognition software into in-person voting.

“High-density housing and light rail are lighting a fuse to exploding crime rates. Why build such things that destroy the livability of Tigard?” he asked in the 2022 Oregon Voters Guide.

Niemeyer favors a voucher system that will allow parents to choose schools that align with their beliefs and their children’s needs.

“What is going on in our schools that teaching the children of Oregon about sex, gender issues, or keeping secrets from their parents has a higher priority than teaching reading, writing, math and genuine history?,” his statements asked.

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