Mayor’s Corner: February/March 2023

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A Hall For All. This is the simple and important message that we’re delivering to federal and state legislators. 

Hall Boulevard in Tigard is not safe because it’s been underfunded for many years. Pedestrians and bicyclists face a nearly impossible task of commuting on Hall Boulevard due to sidewalk gaps, missing bike lanes, and a lack of pedestrian crossings. Vehicles traveling on Hall Boulevard in Tigard encounter failing pavement and a myriad of potholes. Everyone traveling on Hall Boulevard will cross deteriorating bridges that were not built to support the level of traffic or variety of road users today.

We’ve seen the tragic results of the neglect of Hall Boulevard in recent years, most recently when a Karen Kain was killed and her mother seriously injured while crossing Hall Boulevard near Lucille Court last spring. We need to prevent another tragedy from happening.

Change is needed and we’ve never been closer to realizing the Hall Boulevard that meets the needs of our community. What remains is commitment from the State and the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) to fund the necessary repairs to the road. Once the corridor is improved to a state of good repair, the city would take ownership of Hall Boulevard where it runs through Tigard and manage it to meet the needs of pedestrians, cyclists, transit users, neighbors, workers, students, and older adults. In addition, a complete Hall Boulevard will foster more connections with other key areas of our community – Downtown, Tigard Triangle, and the Washington Square Regional Center. Most importantly, a Hall Boulevard, owned and maintained by the city, will be inclusive and serve everyone, especially those from historically marginalized and underserved communities.  This aligns with our vision to be “an equitable community that is walkable, healthy, and accessible for everyone”.

In early February, I was able to take our federal and state legislators on a tour of Hall Boulevard and saw firsthand the condition of the road that many community members have to use every day. We’re all in agreement that Hall Boulevard needs improvements and we’re working with our representatives Congresswoman Andrea Salinas, State Senator Aaron Woods, and State Representative Ben Bowman to make this vision a reality. At the same time, we are engaging the community in a conversation about the future of Hall Boulevard. We held our first community forum on this topic in late 2022 and these conversations will continue throughout 2023. I need your voice to play a role in advancing a safer, connected, equity Hall Boulevard. 

Please reach out today to Senator Woods at and Representative Bowman at and let them know that a Hall For All is a priority for you in this legislative session. 

You can always reach me at 971-435-0964 or, or you can connect to the whole City Council at I look forward to working together to make our community safer for everyone.

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