Everyone Needs a Laugh!

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    It feels like the tide is changing for the better, and that doesn’t mean that we still can’t all use a giggle. I am curious if any of this resonates with you.

    I have shared with my mom that she can call me any time, day or night, and I will answer. That includes if I am with clients. I let clients know that she is a priority and that if she does ring that I will need to step away for a moment.

    Sometimes I get the call, you know, the one with the special ring tone, so I know who it is. I am in the process of showing a home, so I step away. My mom is 86, and albeit in good shape and health, I still want to be available.  Being the gracious clients that I am forever thankful for and enjoy working with, they ask if everything is okay. I am not sure if I want to create a good story or share the truth; she can’t get out of a web page she is on. I let her know I will call her later.

    The verbal exercise of trying to solve issues over the phone leads me to try my best not to breathe heavily out of frustration as I describe what to me sounds very clear, but to her, it is like finding a needle in a haystack. As I recommend ‘click the long rectangle box at the top of the screen,’ she will inevitably click on a logo that takes her to another page, which ends up doubling the efforts to fix the first situation. I am writhing in contortion, and we both end up laughing hysterically as our efforts continually become compounded, not resolved.

    Over time, I have learned that instead of calling and trying to fix something over the phone, FaceTime can save time, sometimes.  Yesterday the phone rang, and the first words I hear mom say are ‘I need help’. One would think it would be of importance, and I guess the measure of importance is relative. In this instance, she could not process a payment to purchase an item. I call her back using FaceTime and what was to take moments took about 20 minutes as she would cover the camera with her finger, point the phone in the wrong direction and move in too quickly, so I was unable to see. We were roaring with laughter. In the end, all was good, and our hearts were lifted as we shared a great time of love and laughter.  

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