Real Estate in the Time of Coronavirus

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Remember the book ‘Love in the Time of Cholera’? As we navigate our daily movements, we each seek to keep life moving in a forward direction. Even with restrictions, there are solutions on how to buy and sell homes during this period of confinement. Using wise and advised steps the precautions to take when viewing a home are wearing a mask if available, wearing gloves and using hand sanitizer when entering and exiting. If gloves are not on hand, be sure to minimize touching cabinets and hand-rails. Even bringing a paper towel to use when opening a door or managing touching places within the house is beneficial. Home inspections are continuing as well. The inspector is able to conduct his process although some inspectors are only inspecting homes that are vacant or minimally occupied. The results can be reviewed via phone with a client and agent or by using FaceTime or Skype or any other additional online options. Photos are provided along with a detailed report the same or following day and the inspector is always available for additional questions after the inspection has taken place.

Signatures that are needed during a transaction are almost always obtained online although for those who do not feel comfortable with this process or do not have a computer, an agent may highlight where a signature, initial and date are required and leave at the home for the client to sign. The documents may be reviewed over the phone to be sure all questions a client may have are answered.

The process that closes the transaction; signing of loan documents, title documents and transfer of the funds from the bank to an escrow are partially addressed online and partially addressed face to face. Being that signatures need to be wet, only those who need to sign are asked to attend this process during the final week of the purchase and sale process. The title companies and banks are looking into accepting online signatures but as of the time of writing, it has not been confirmed.

With the call to adjust our normal processes to support health and safety, we too, in the real estate service industry are working together to collectively deliver steps and provide an environment that keeps everyone safe while successfully reaching their goals and needs of buying and selling their homes.

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